Energy Worldwide Provided by the Sun

IBC SOLAR offers complete systems for turning sunlight into electrical energy. Founded in 1982 by Physicist Udo Möhrstedt, we have become one of the leading global photovoltaic systems integrators, offering high quality photovoltaic solutions of all sizes. More than 150.000 implemented PV systems worldwide with a total capacity of more than 2.5 gigawatt underline our leading position. From the beginning, we have focused on maximizing efficiency by developing and engineering integrated systems that fit together perfectly. Partners benefit from individual and detailed consulting and a wide range of professional services and support.

Our activities in the Greek market are managed and coordinated from our headquarters based in Germany. Please contact us from our international website undefinedwww.ibc-solar.de/EN or send us your orders directly through the undefinedcontact form. We welcome your orders and thank you in advance for your loyalty and trust granted towards IBC SOLAR.

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